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Incubus - Morning View & Morning View XXIII Review

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Original Release:

The morning view here is calm and somber on this classic album from Incubus. The California band switched things up and captured a nice and somber vibe with their follow-up to the crushing Make Yourself. The band goes for relaxed and chill vibes while expanding their sound with the incorporation of more musical instruments and experimentation. The riffs are slower and milder for the most part, but there are a few tracks of them going in, and they sound pretty good. When they go with an acoustic guitar, it does feel a bit clunky. The signature bass sound is strong and thick on this album and fits Incubus's sound. The drumming is not very technical but fits in well with the chill atmosphere they create here. Now the weakest point on the album are the vocals, I think. They do some good singing here and there, but on a few tracks, he switches it up, and it feels a bit awkward. His flow is a bit weird. Another thing is that it is a bit of a long album. Great sounds. You just need a lot of time to enjoy this album.

RATING: 8/10

Anniversary Release:

This rerecording of the Incubus classic album Morning View does a good job of improving some songs but also not improving some. Improvements here are in terms of mixing and layering for some instruments. Some are pushed back or pulled forward more to make the songs more balanced. Some new material has been added to some songs to help flesh them out more. While sometimes adding new material can make a good song worse, like the opening track, It took over a minute and a half to build up the song. Originally, I thought one of the biggest issues with this album was that it was long, but they made it longer. Also, unfortunately, with time, people's voices change, and the main vocals at times do not match the same energy and sound as the older recordings. There's nothing to get mad about, but there are times when it’s noticeable that he can't sing the way he used to and has to go in a different direction. Rerecordings help give artists more direct money in their pockets, and everyone loves nostalgia, so it was a good idea to do this rerecording. Is it as good as the original? No. But it does serve a good purpose in their career.

RATING: 7.5/10


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