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Inclination - Unaltered Perspective Review

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Inclination is a straightedge band from Kentucky, and this is their debut album. It’s a strong, fast, and crushing 30 minutes of kicked-in-the face hardcore. For the most part, the album is a straight-forward, hardcore record. However, they add some razzale and dazzale with how the guitars are played and how the main vocalist Tyler uses the beat of a backing vocalist, Isaac. I think people proably want him to front a band, but I think it’s really good when he just pops up to wake you up and get you ready to pit in the moshpit. The guest vocals from Conner of Magnitude really shake things up. Lots of introspective looking on this album. The second half of the album seems to be stronger than the first, which is rare for me. More bangerz than duds on this release. I think this is a solid...

RATING: 8.5/10


Thoughts And Prayers




A Decision

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