Read our review of the explosive split EP from Thai powerviolence and hardcore bands High Voltage and Speech Odd. Experience raw energy and relentless intensity in this collaboration.

High Voltage / Speech Odd - Split EP Review

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High voltate is speaking oddly, and speech odd got the high voltage on this surprisingly tight split coming all the way from Thailand. These hardcore/powerviolence bands on this EP did a great job of showcasing their style in the shortest and tightest way possible. Both parts of the split just clock in at under 5 minutes and straight-kill it with their skills. High Voltage comes in sharp and correct with great production, intense riffing, solid drumming, smooth bass, and impressive vocals. The vocals are layered really well on the mix. He sounds massive and has a really good technique for singing. Solid and well-made songs are here. Speech Out goes for a more distorted style of production, but they make it work really well. Fast riffs, blasting drums, buzzing bass, and soul-grabbing vocals just ooze out of this part of the EP. They may be power violence, but they have a solid ass groove to them that just makes them more than just a power violence band. The drums are super impressive with how snappy and intense they are on this EP. Thailand has some up-and-coming stars here that you need to keep an eye on, for sure. 

RATING: 9/10



Seek The Power

Void Men

More Than Decoration


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