Explore Diazable's review of Brandon Yates' (Turnstile / Trapped Under Ice side project) dreamy funk side project, Free the Birds. Gain expert insights into the unique fusion of funk and dreamy elements, and the impact within the music community.

Free The Birds - Free The Birds EP Review

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Free the birds have been let loose on the world, and more people need to know. Its a side project started by lead singer of Turnstile/Trapped Under Ice drummer Brandon Yates. If you are looking for laid-back, fun, odd, dreamy indie music, look no further. The guitars sound very washed out, but in a dreamy and jazzy way. No fancy guitar work, just simply fun guitars that help the songs feel catchy. The drums are kind of pushed to the background, but I think it helps with this style of music. The bass is so full and brought to life on this EP. Also, the use of other instruments like flutes and saxophones makes things dynamic and graceful. Brandon's vocals are light and dreamy, filled with uplifting and self-reflecting lyrics. If these songs don’t make you want to get up and groove a bit, then you might have no joy in your life.

RATING: 7/10


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