Explore Montana-based post-hardcore band Fly Over States in our review of their EP 'Anti-Aircraft.' Dive into their dynamic soundscapes and raw emotion as they redefine the boundaries of modern rock.

Fly Over States - Anti-Aircraft EP Review

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This Montana-based band is doing their best to revive the post-hardcore genre, and unfortunately, they aren't doing the best job of it. A lot of what's on this episode feels like a rehash of older sounds, done poorly. The guitars feel so clunky and out of tune that it really distracts from the listening experience. On top of that, the songs creatively feel lackluster. Before I could even process what was going on, the songs would be over, and I couldn't remember what I had listed. The drumming and bass are also very clunky. However, there are times when they sound okay, like the opening of the last few songs. The only thing on here that was decent and worth listening to was the vocals. The vocalist was able to channel that post-hardcore sound and sounded good throughout the episode. This anti-aircraft of an EP needs some work because, at the rate it’s going, it won't be able to shoot anything down.

RATING: 5/10





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