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Firewalker - Hell Bent Review

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The crew in Firewalker is hell-bent for something; unfortunately, I'm not sure what it is since it's hard to hear what they are asking for. The biggest problem with this release is the vocals. I don't think it has to do anything with the vocalists abilities; it's more of the production's fault. The vocals were mixed so low that I could barely hear them. I thought it might be the vocalist lack of skills, but then you had a guest feature from Justice (trapped under ice and angel du$t), and you could barely hear him as well. This release was poorly mixed, for sure. Some of the guitar parts and bass parts didn't sound as strong as they could have been. Another thing was that some of the songs were a bit bland and lackluster. Not even generic hardcore playing, just more lackluster playing. Only a few songs felt sonically new or refreshing. I will say the one thing on this release that was good was the drumming. They were dynamic and impressive, and they were tight and in the zone most of the time. They had a unique sound to them, for sure. 

RATING: 6/10


Hell Bent


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