Discover Diazable's review of the German hardcore band Echo Chamber's demo from 2022. Gain expert insights into their raw energy, musical style, and impact within the hardcore music scene.

Echo Chamber - Demo 2022 Review

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This demo is a damn beautiful spectacle of hardcore. I don’t know if these guys were in other hardcore bands, because how can a demo sound so tight, well produced, and crisp? These guys know what they are doing and know how to do it. From the tight snapping snare to the guy punching the bass drum, the fast-bleeding guitar works. The deeply toned bass guitar. The vocalist and his vocals punch you in the throat, and the lyrics bash in your brain. Is it me, or does he sound like death before dishonor? My hard-core appetite was thoroughly satisfied with this nice meal. Short, but damn, do I want more! 

RATING: 9/10


All That Is Solid

Escape From Freedom

The Spectacle 

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