Explore Chelsea Grin's latest release from Salt Lake City's deathcore scene. Dive into the second half of their double album 'Suffer in Heaven' in this comprehensive review.

Chelsea Grin - Suffer In Heaven Review

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We suffered in hell on the first of the Chelsea Grin albums, and now we suffer in heaven, and if this is what heaven sounds like, then we didn't need to leave hell. The second part of their double album picks right up with how heavy, massive, and demonic these songs sound. It does feel like with both of these albums, they are trying to pour all their talents into them and create some massive songs, and they definitely do that. Nothing is held back with how the vocals use various screaming styles; the guitars try all sorts of playing styles and tunings; the bass has so much groove and bounce to it; and the drums  just pound hard and are relentless with how they are played. By the end of the album, it feels like they are running low on energy compared to the first ripping album, but it still has a lot of piss and veer in these songs to still play other bands out of the water. They got all the telent and great production; it just feels like they got a little tired in the back end of this album.

RATING: 8.5/10



Leave With Us

Orc March

Soul Slave

Sing To The Grave


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