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Billie Eilish - Hit Me Hard And Soft Review

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Billie Eilish, one of the biggest musical stars on the planet right now, definitely hits you hard and soft and all over with this newest album. From some incredible songs to some head-scraping experimental songs, you will be going on an interesting journey here. In the first half of the album, she is coming out strong with soft emotional bangers about love, the pressures of life, and dealing with yourself. Her great vocals and words are backed by some incredible production and musical arrangements. A prime example of this is in the song “The Greatest,” where it starts off slow and builds up to a huge climatic sound. Then you have the second half of this record, where she dabbles in some different sounds and vocal performances, and they can either be interesting or just bad. Like on “The Diner,"  she has a weird echoey effect in her voice that makes her sound weird and has random musical choices like a recorder in the background. It felt like poor circus music. She is able to bring things back to form on the last track, “Blue,” and end the album on a good note. She is hitting you with some real There are some good songs on here, but then there are some odd ones for sure, but the great songs really outweigh the odd ones here, so it's still a great album to check out.

RATING: 8/10




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The Greatest

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