Read Diazable's review of Ashen Ritual of Ash, the latest release from Australian death metal band. Dive into brutal riffs and intense vocals that define Ashen Ritual of Ash's signature sound.

Ashen - Ritual Of Ash Review

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The boys want to be death metal but seem to fall short a bit. The guitar riffs are, for the most part, good and interesting at times. The drums and double bass, blast beats, and china stand out a lot here. Bass is good when it can be heard. Vocals are harsh and brutal for the most part, with just one real hiccup. The mixes are good, for the most part, when you can hear the instruments. It’s just over all an okay death metal album with some awkward genres thrown in to switch up. I'm sure these boys can do better than this.

RATING: 4.5/10



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