Explore the atmospheric realms of L.A.'s new-age black metal band Agriculture in our review of their self-titled album. Delve into their haunting melodies and evocative soundscapes that redefine the genre.

Agriculture - Agriculture Review

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The band Agriculture might need to go back and replant some new ideas because a lot of what is on this album is not the freshest. Blck metal is a hard genre to work in because of how raw and reducent a lot of it can be. I feel this band has fallen into that category of not bringing anything new or refreshing to the genre. This album is filled with a lot of fast, high-pitched guitars, low, drowned-out blast beats, and wailing vocals. To an average listener, this might be shocking, but it feels like a lot of it has been done before. So while listening to this album, I almost feel asleep at times at the black metal parts. However, I will say there is some saving grace on this record. There are moments of abrupt stops in the middle of the songs, and then it shifts into a new style of playing. A lot of these times, they switch into some groovier and heavier music that sounds good and keeps that air of black metal to it. They happen quite often and are mostly cool moments, but not enough to make this album more interesting. Also, the pacing of the songs is pretty good, because right when I thought something was too boring, they kept the mood of the songs going nicely. 

RATING: 6/10


The Glory Of The Ocean

Look Pt. 2


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