Dive into Purulency's dark death metal with our review of 'Transcendent Unveiling of Dimensions'. Explore Tennessee's underground scene with insights into their latest demo. Discover more about Purulency now!

Purulency - Transcendent Unveiling of Dimensions EP Review

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With an interesting band name, a crazy album cover, and odd song titles, this band is quite simple in nature. Dark and sludgy metal with a dash of erratic playing. You got massively distorted sound guitars or ripping riffs. I'm really surprised that they were able to pull off some groovy riffs that gave some songs a nice bounce. Those few moments help breathe some exciting life into this huge, sludgy episode. However, there are some points when the guitars feel clunky and awkward. Muffled drums, slow drumming, and extreme blast beats try to spice things up, but since they are so muffled, it's hard to appreciate them. Deep and harsh bass is playing here. Super low and washed out vocals. The vocals were really hard to understand and just seemed poorly mixed. He sounds like he has some skills, but you can't even really tell what those skills are with how low in the mix he is. It would be just another sludge/ddoom album like the rest, but what really sets it apart is that they add some nice little effects and tweaks to give it a very dark and koody sound that carries from song to song. They are able to keep an overall consistent sound and feel, and that's pretty impressive. I just feel they need to get better at being tighter in their playing and have a better mixed EP.

RATING: 7/10



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